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What The World Needs Now... (album)

What The World Needs Now... album (released September 4th)

What The World Needs Now... album
(released September 4th 2015 via PiL Official)
Distributed via Cargo Records worldwide, except North America (Red Eye) and Japan (EMI)
CD / Double Vinyl LP / Digital Download

1. Double Trouble      
2. Know Now
3. Bettie Page
4. C’est La Vie
5. Spice of Choice
6. The One
7. Big Blue Sky
8. Whole Life Time
9. I’m Not Satisfied
10. Corporate
11. Shoom

CD / Double Vinyl LP: Cargo Records | Amazon CD / LP
: iTunes | Bleep | Tidal

Public Image Ltd (PiL) release their 10th studio album 'What The World Needs Now…' on September 4th 2015. The 11-track album follows the huge critical success of 2012's 'This is PiL', the band's first album in 17 years. Read full press release...

The album is released on CD, double vinyl LP and digital. The iTunes exclusive of 'What The World Needs Now...' also includes the promo video for 'Double Trouble', plus the non-album 'Turkey Tits' as BONUS tracks. The video is also available as a standalone purchase via iTunes.

The artwork for the album, partly inspired by Native American Hopi characters, was designed and painted by John Lydon.


The Making of What The World Needs Now...




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